What a delight it has been to be in Kilbarchan Primary School with Primary 5/6 and their teacher Fiona  Caldwell, engaging them in re-telling one of Kilbarchan’s legends – “How the Clochoderick Stone came to be in a Kilbarchan field”. Every Tuesday morning in September  25 enthusiastic children are developing their oral storytelling skills which will culminate in a performance to the whole school on 22nd September. The pupils will also be creating their own legend as to how this enormous stone got there, 100 miles away from any other stone like it.

Then Ewan McVicar, singer and songwriter who is doing this project with me, will be engaging the pupils in songs and music connected to Kilbarchan’s history and will involve the pupils in creating a new song which will be sung on 24th October. “Warp & Weft – Kilbarchan Woven in Story & Song” will involve many members of the community including members of Kilbarchan Pipe Band playing some of Habbie Simpson’s tunes and some local Ladies Choir members will sing the 1932 Lilias Day song.I will be storytelling and giving an historical picture and Ewan will be providing all the song and music aspects especially about Kilbarchan’s famous 16th century piper Habbie Simpson. The event will be held in the new Performing Arts Centre in Kilbarchan’s historic Steeple Square.

Thanks must go to Head Teacher Liz Sommerville for being so encouraging and welcoming this project re-telling Kilbarchan’s rich history and to class teacher Fiona Crawford

There is a website where all the information and stories will be posted –

This project is funded by TASGADH and will be part of the Scottish International Storytelling Festival 2015, This is the first time that Renfrewshire has been part of the Scottish International Storytelling Festival