Exciting Kilbarchan project


I’m so excited about this project of my heart – telling Kilbarchan’s story as part of the Scottish International Storytelling Festival whose theme is “Dig Where You Stand”. Warp & Weft – Kilbarchan Woven in Story and Song” will be performed at the Kilbarchan Performing Arts Centre in Steeple Square on 24th October at 7.30pm.

Thanks to funding from Creative Scotland’s small grants funding administered by TASGADH, I am now able to embark upon this exciting project of telling the little village of Kilbarchan’s history, stories, legends, songs. The project will be done in collaboration with legendary singer, songwriter and author, Ewan McVicar whose father was a “Habbie” born and brought up in the village. Locals born in the village are called Habbies after the sixth century Kilbarchan piper Habbie Simpson.

The stories  I will be focusing on will be about the Clochoderick Stone, St Barchan, Habbie Simpson, the hand loom weavers [we have the National Trust for Scotland’s Weavers Cottage], and our Festival day – Lilias Day.

Locals will be involved  in helping me gather the richness of Kilbarchan’s history,  providing information about Kilbarchan’s past. There will be workshops in the Primary School and it is hoped that some pupils will take part in the final performance in both story and song. Also local musicians will be involved in the performance. Ewan will be creating a website which will convey some the treasures we unearth in the project

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