Edinburgh Botanic Gardens – storytelling in golden autumn.

Yurt 2.P1030191

Storytelling in the Yurt at “Storytelling for a Greener World” in Edinburgh Botanic Gardens on 26th October

Once again I enjoyed storytelling in the Edinburgh Botanic Gardens as part of the Scottish International Storytelling Festival along with many other tellers. My tales  began in the Dell of John Hope Gateway and went on to the Yurt and then I wondered around with a waterproof mat ana bag full of puppets and told stories to whoever wanted them.

It was a magical day with hundreds of families joining in with the storytelling fun. I found people far more participative than last year and even had children and adults creating their own stories about woodland creatures and the trees and leaves that surrounded us on this glorious Autumn day.

What a fabulous location to tell stories it was – I hope I get asked back for next year’s Scottish International Storytelling Festival!!

Outdoor in BotanicsP1030205

Story walking – telling to a little family under a great oak tree, stories about a dragon who learnt to care for the world.

Outside yurtP1030201

Outside the Yurt creating new stories. A  mum is helping here with the puppet characters who are in the story – fantastic!

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