Dig Where You Stand -Primary 5/6 pupils tell local legend

Cloch stoneP1020472On September 22nd the legend of “How the Clochoderick Stone came to be in a Kilbarchan field” was told by Kilbarchan  Primary 5/6 class to their whole school as part of  the “Dig Where You Stand” Scottish International Storytelling Festival. In groups of three pupils re-told this folk legend to a class at a time bringing alive  this local legend  through storytelling.

I have been working with the class developing oral storytelling every Tuesday morning in September and they are now really absolutely fabulous.

This is part of the TASGADH funded project to  tell the story of Kilbarchan and their story will be told on 24th October when “Warp & Weft – Kilbarchan Woven in Story & Song” will be performed in the Performing Arts Centre in Kilbarchan’s historic Steeple Square.

The next phase of the project with the school will be developing their own stories about how the Clochoderick Stone got to be where it is and then Ewan McVicar will come along and work with Kilbarchan’s music and songs and the pupils will create their own song for performing on 24th October.

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