P1000020[300]Re-telling history is a passion for Anne – bringing it alive to those engaging with it whether this is during Doors Open Days, at the Great Tapestry for Scotland, the Diaspora Tapestry or the village in which she lives – Kilbarchan. As part of the Scottish International Storytelling Festival in 2015 Anne, along with Ewan McVicar created an evening re-telling Kilbarchan’s story – “Warp & Weft – Kilbarchan Woven in Story & Song”. This was thanks to a Creative Scotland Grant.

Anne was asked by Weaving Musical Threads to re-tell some stories depicted in the Great Tapestry of Scotland and in the Diaspora Tapestry when they were exhibited in the Atrium of the mill in Paisley. This involved a great deal of historical research and included a couple of sessions in Gaelic with Kilbarchan locals Christine Coombe doing consecutive translation into Gaelic and Morag Law singing. Both event were very successful.


Part of the project to tell the story of Kilbarchan was working with one primary class P5/6 in Kilbarchan Primary School. This began with telling the legend of how the Clochoderick Stone got to be in a Kilbarchan field many, many miles away from any other rock like it – linked surprisingly with the Giant’s Causeway story!

The pupils heard about the historical facts about this huge boulder and then about a legend about how it got there which was told to a local elderly resident by her grandfather when she was a little girl about how it was the result of two giants fighting.

Cloch stoneP1020472Soon to be on  YouTube

The fantastic drawings of Kilbarchan  Primary School 5/6 pupils will soon be going onto YouTube along with Anne telling the story of “The Gaint’s Causeway and the Clochoderick Stone” recorded live, on November 9th 2015. The pupils’ song about Kilbarchan composed with singer songwriter Ewan McVicar introduces and ends the clip. The story Anne tells was strongly influenced by the pupil’s own interpretation and re-telling during the month and a half long project in their school.