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Cloch  stoneP1020263

Telling the story of “How the Clochoderick Stone came to be in a Kilbarchan field” to P5/6 in Kilbarchan Primary School at the beginning of the project in September

Thanks to receiving a Creative Scotland grant I was able to embark on a project with P5/6 in Kilbarchan Primary School which spanned two months, along with singer songwriter Ewan McVicar.


Re-telling using storyboarding – each pupils helps to tell a part of the beginning, middle or end

During the month of September every Tuesdday and a few more sessions towards the end I worked with the class on becoming oral storytellers.

They  learnt about Kilbarchan’s rich history and then embarked on  retelling a local legend about “How the Clocoderick Stone came to be in a Kilbarchan field”.


Finlay & DevonP1020322

Finlay and Devyn telling the part where Finn McCool is frightened by the huge giant Benandonner





Elliot giantP1020319

Elliot being the great giant Benadonner with “bulging biceps as hard as iron”





Oonagh thinkingP1020324

“Beatiful, smart, Finn’s wife Oonagh thinking about what to do about the huge giant Benandonner and the question of how to keep Finn from certain death











They performed the story to the whole school on 22nd September in groups of three and four to one primary class at a time.

Ellie, Ben, Samantha, EllieP1020493

Ellie, Ben,Samantha and Ellie after they told their story to a Kilbarchan Primary School class

Bo, Isla, Abigail, ElliotP1020492

Bo,Isla, Abigail & Elliot after their telling to a Kilbarchan PrimarySchool class



Daisy, Rowan, Amy & ArcheP1020484

Amy, Daisy, Rowan  and Archie after they told their story to a Kilbarchan Primary School class







Jude, Archie, Ailsa, ElliotP1020489

Jude, Archie, Ailsa and Elliot after they told their stories to a Kilbarchan Primary School class







Kruze, Zoe, Robyn, ElliotP1020491

Kruze, Zoe, Robyn after they told their story to Kilbarchan Primary School class







Anne and Kilbarchan pupils -web

The Gazette newspaper came on 22nd September and took a photo of P5/6 pupils’ after they had told “How the Clochoderick Stone came to be in a Kilbarchan field”









New storiesP1020638

Amy creating her new story in front of her friend

Then they created new stories about how the Stone got there.

Aaryn with new storyP1020642

Telling a new story









Ewan then took two workshops during which the pupils learnt something about KIlbarchan’s rich heritage of song and ballad.


Working with Ewan was such fun – they created “Long ago and nowadays in Kilbarchan” “Lilias Day”

They created two songs  for the performance of “Warp & Weft – Kilbarchan Woven in Story & Song”. Each child will receive a CD of their stories and songs. Thanks go to the Head Teacher Liz Sommerville and the class teachers Fiona Crawford and Lynn Kerr whose enthusiastic support made the school part of the project  a joy to do.





“Warp & Weft – Kilbarchan Woven in Story & Song” was performed on 24th October in the Performing Arts Centre in Kilbarchan’s historic Steeple Square. Anne’s telling of the  Clochoderick Stone sotry was influenced by P5/6’s telling and the two songs were sung on the night

me at PAC

Anne telling a story


KP Band

Kilbarchan Pipe Band playing some of teh tunesthat Habbie Simpson surely would have played


Miss Lilias looks on as Ewan thanks Anne for the performance as the evening draws to a close

















On November 9th a mini- Warp & Weft was performed by Anne and Ewan to the whole school with P5/6  songs being sung “Long ago and nowadays” and “Lilias Day”

It has been a wonderful experience. The pupils of P5/6 were asked what they liked about their experience

Zoe “My favourite part was that everything Anne taught us helped us to be true storytellers. To confronting fears, expectations of myself, performing, actions, voices and having a good time. She also taught us that storytelling isn’t boring by making it a fun way to act.

Lily “I liked it because it was fun but I was learning at the same time

Cara ” I liked performing in front of the school”.

When asked how it helped them

Rowan “I find it easier to remember stories

Daisy “It helped me with my confidence”

Archie “It has made me more brave”

Bo “I found it useful because I am usually shy but now am not because of storytelling”

Robbie “It helped me with stage fright

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